2022 - Wismar, Schwerin, Rostock

concept/choreography: Ilona Pászthy

dance: Maria Sauerland, Anna Degen, Diana Treder, Jeff Pham, Isabella Compagnoni, Balász Pozsgay, Ilona Pászthy, Anika Bendel

choreographic dramaturgy/assistance: Alice Gaspari

costume: Sabine Schneider

production: Marguerite Apostolidis

graphic: MiegL


In the re-installation of the slow-motion performance "silence" by IPtanz, the body becomes the arena for power, conflict, resistance and irritation. The process of creating the production was inspired by questions such as: Where does violent action begin and end? What does public space mean - for the individual - for society - in the context of democracy and participation? What does tolerance mean? How do we deal with "being different"? In the historical context and against the backdrop of current world events, this aspect of our lives deserves greater attention.
The performance encounters people on the street who become casual observers inside. The extreme slowing down of the movement sequences allows the viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative power of the body images and to pursue their own thoughts.
8 dancers stage the theme with their performance. SILENCE was shown several times in public space in Wismar, Schwerin and Rostock in August 2022. In Rostock, the event took place during the 30th anniversary of the pogrom of Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992.
An accompanying team was available for questions, conversations and information.

Funded by: Kulturamt Stadt Köln/ NationalesPerformanceNetz–STEPPING OUT/ Neustart Kultur mit Mitteln des BKM/ Kulturamt Stadt Wismar/ Kulturamt Stadt Rostock
Supported by: Mother–Earth–Family–Festival Schwerin/Stadt Schwerin

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photos: Marguerite Apostolidis