Vibrating body

A research around body and voice.

How can we think body and voice more together? How can I create a connection that lets me experience my voice just like any other muscle that comes into vibration and is allowed to move freely?
My musical education at music high school, where I enjoyed years of singing lessons and intensive choir rehearsal work, as well as my yoga training have already made me curious about the functionality of the organ of my voice. By using the voice, I mean the creation of tones as well as sounds and noises.
The research aims to expand my dance movement possibilities: what power, sensitivity and volume can I achieve in my movements if my vocal cords can resonate and thus support instead of blocking the flow?
The search for the wholeness of the body, including the voice, is also a search for authenticity. Letting the voice participate creates a fragile space in which the body takes over and is allowed to return to more instinctive functionalities.
Another important part of this research is the physical and vocal experience and expression of emotions and sensory perceptions. We know the impulsive expressions of the voice when we feel pain, pleasure, surprise, joy or deep sadness. This is also an attempt to allow and include my emotional body while dancing. Thus, the voice can be seen as a form of self-empowerment.
All these experiences will be incorporated into and enrich my dance research and projects, while also enriching my self-image as a dancer.